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The US economy is finally opening up from COVID-19 self-isolation!

As you focus on preparing business income tax returns and finishing your financial statement engagements, would you be interested in adopting trial balance software that will reduce your software expense, save training time, and expedite finishing your business projects so that you can collect fees sooner, keep clients happier, and make yourself more available for working with clients on high-value business development and tax planning services?

I’ve worked in public accounting continuously since 1974, so I remember when trial balances for business closings were done by hand. What a relief when computerized trial balance software was developed! You could “roll over” to zero out or carry over the adjusted balances for the next year, keep your account descriptions, prior year adjusted amounts and workpaper references, saving an enormous amount of time for financial statement engagements and business closings.

The first trial balance software I bought was the AICPA’s Accountant’s Trial Balance (ATB). It was easy to use. You could tell accountants were involved in creating it. It was also reasonably priced.

Then ATB was sold to Creative Solutions. They discontinued ATB and issued their own application, Creative Solutions Accounting, and then they replaced that with CS Workpapers. (I’ve heard many CPA firms still use ATB on a Windows 7 computer. Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft.)

It became more and more complicated to set up a client’s trial balance. There were so many options and the accountant had to make a lot of decisions, including how to set up reports.

It took hours of (paid!) training to learn how to use it. When tax season arrived for the next year, I had to review how the software worked. When I called Creative Solutions with questions, I was billed for support.

The software was also expensive for a sole practitioner’s budget.

(I have created trial balances using Excel and previously using Lotus 1-2-3. Clunky, at best.)

Finally, I decided to seek an alternative. I found one that works, is reasonably priced and is easy to set up and use.

EZ Trial Balance was designed by an accountant for accountants.

The software is produced by TBWorks Software, Inc. TBWorks is located at 13831 Northwest Freeway, Houston, Texas 77040. The software has been available since 2015.

Getting set up on the software was a snap. I just exported the account numbers, account descriptions and prior year amounts to an Excel spreadsheet, did some minor formatting and imported the information to EZ Trial Balance. Within a couple of hours, I had three companies set up and ready to work on for the next year.

No training was required to use the software. It was very intuitive. The only reports I needed, the working balance sheet, working P & L, grouping schedules, journal entries and chart of accounts are preset and easy to use.

Each of the journal entries for each of the accounts is shown on the trial balance for easy visual review.

You can also easily set up lead schedules and grouping schedules.

Any questions that I had were answered promptly. There were no charges for my support questions. There is a support plan available when you have never used computerized trial balance software for a small $100 annual fee.

The software works with client files locally or the files can be shared on a network on a server.

Now there is a cloud version of the software for those who prefer cloud applications and for those who need to consolidate their trial balances.

The software has a “tab” structure like ATB did, which makes it very user-friendly.

You can set up Book, Federal, State and other amounts on the same trial balance.

There are cash receipts and cash disbursements journals included in the software if you want to use it to do light write up work.

I’ve found I don’t have to review how to use the software when working on the next year’s closing.

I’m saving time and money for the cost of the software, eliminating training time, eliminating support charges and reducing time using the software.

Now YOU can make your life easier and save money by adopting EZ Trial Balance for your company or CPA firm.

EZ Trial Balance desktop includes the basic trial balance functions and reports that you need for most business closings. The annual investment for the software is only $399 for five users (computers) plus $99 for each additional user. If you have never used computerized trial balance software before, you should invest in unlimited support for one year for $100.

EZ Trial Balance Cloud includes all of the features of EZ Trial Balance Plus and also includes analytical review capabilities, like built-in ratio analysis. You can document expected and actual ratios for audit and review workpaper documentation. TBWorks Software, the company that produces the software, expects most of the future development will be on the Cloud application. You can also consolidate trial balances using EZ Trial Balance Cloud. The annal investment for the software is only $499 for five users (computers). There is a sliding scale for additional users, and monthly plans with a base of $50/month are also available.

The software comes with a full year unconditional guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the software or support for any reason, your entire investment will be refunded with no questions asked.

Click the button below to download an evaluation copy of the desktop version of EZ Trial Balance with a sample company file at no charge or get a FREE 7 day trial of the cloud version of EZTrialBalance. Or buy EZ Trial Balance now with a full year unconditional money-back guarantee.


Yours truly,

 Michael Gray, CPA

P.S. Why continue burning time and money into preparing trial balances for your business engagements using expensive trial balance software that is hard to set up and use or using Excel? Save time and money, and make your life easier, by getting EZ Trial Balance now for finishing your 2019 engagements. Go to to download the software today!

P.P.S. Have more questions or need technical support? Write [email protected].


Here’s what EZ Trial Balance users say!


“The software is easy-to-use. It meets our needs well for a tax return trial balance. The technical support is excellent! Responses to inquiries are prompt and personalized. Feedback is taken seriously and appreciated. You can’t beat the price point for a straightforward trial balance accounting software. I highly recommend this software to small and mid-level CPA forms that are looking for an alternative to complex and expensive trial balance software.”

Renee M. Virlee
Pearson & Associates, PC
Mt. Vernon, Iowa

* * * * *

“Simple, elegant, effective. A good, solid program.”
“Most trial balance softwares come imbedded in other programs or surrounded by other features. I am not familiar with any other software that offers a simple, elegant trial balance with the latest technology and feature around grouping and sorting.”
“Simple to use. Simple to learn and very favorably priced.”

Andrew Newman, CPA
Newman Associates
Davis, California

* * * * *

“Best program available for trial balance since AICPA ATB.”

Rodney Stepleton
Stepleton & Holcomb, CPAs

* * * * *

“Having used a more expensive 3rd party software for financial statement presentations, I found their new update much too expensive and complicated. I turned to TBWorks (EZ Trial Balance) and within a few hours I was up and running.”

Ronald H. Tribolet
R.H. Tribolet CPA, PLLC

* * * * *

“This program closely mutates the old program from years ago – comes real close to the old Workpapers Plus.”

Curtis J. Mathews CPA, PC


EZ Trial Balance Features

All Versions:

• Trial Balance import via Excel or CSV to save input time and make set up a snap!
• Chart of Accounts report for easy review of completeness.
• Trial Balances: book, federal, state and other so that all of the annual workpapers will be in one place!
• Working Balance Sheet and Working Income Statement reports.
• Assign accounts by Type, Subtype and Group for easy grouping a presentation.
• Journal Entries: adjusting, reclassifying and proposed for easy discussion with management.
• Journal Entries: book, federal, state and other. Journal entries are listed separately on the trial balance for easy review to be sure they have been applied to the right account.
• Cash Receipts and Cash Disbursements journal for closings and light write up of smaller clients that don’t have their own accounting records.
• Variance Report by $ and % for analytical review.
• Lead Sheets for focus on groups of accounts for audit assignment focus.

EZ Trial Balance – Cloud Version additional features:

• Consolidated Trial Balance to save time and trouble assembling consolidated information.
• Ratio analysis for analytical review and management control. Expected and actual ratios can be documented for your analytical review workpapers.

7 Day Free Trial Period for Cloud Version or Download Desktop Demo

No credit card or payment information required.  Just sign up for the cloud version or download the desktop demo and get started!