About Us

EZ Trial Balance was created to be the most affordable and easy to use Trial Balance Accounting Software on the market!


Our Story

EZ Trial Balance Accounting Software was created and designed by an Accountant in public practice for Accountants in public practice. After entering into public accounting, the primary software used was ATB and WorkPapers Plus. They were great, easy to use, trial balance software that did the job on every engagement. Then over the years, ATB and Workpapers Plus were gone. The large companies bought out and discontinued all the smaller easy-to-use software and began offering very complex and expensive “engagement” type software. Leaving the small to mid-level CPA firms without an affordable option for their engagements. 

There are still a few trial balance software products on the market, but from first hand experience, they are extremely difficult to use and not user friendly.

But now, EZ Trial Balance Accounting Software Desktop and Cloud versions are being introduced as an easy-to-use, affordable trial balance software.

Sign-up for a 7 day free trial period with our EZ Trial Balance Cloud version.

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Both products offer affordable payment plans; whether you are a sole practitioner, small or medium CPA firm, or even a large CPA firm, our desktop or cloud versions offer a solution that will fit your needs.

Our Company Mission

To provide an easy-to-use, straightforward, and affordable trial balance accounting software for  small to mid-level CPA firms needing an alternative to the complex and expensive engagement software on the market today. 



Our Vision

Our vision is to provide additional features to our current software and develop additional products that are straightforward, easy-to-use and affordable for every CPA.  Soon, we’ll provide an engagement software for all your audit, review, and compilation needs based on our core value and beliefs of affordability.

7 Day Free Trial Period for Cloud Version or Download Desktop Demo

No credit card or payment information required.  Just sign up for the cloud version or download the desktop demo and get started!